More Repeat Customers.
Multiply Revenue Streams.

By leveraging machine learning and data-driven technologies, POPSUP Global has achieved great results with our clients to boost sales and branding enhancement, using client’s already-available customer insights in our QR Ordering System.

It’s a perfect timing for you to join to take the most out of it during this holiday seasons! 

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3 Goals To Achieve With POPSUP.Global

Do you know you have handy customer insights with our QR system? We have helped most of clients increase revenue per order by at least 20% and collect valuable customer insights as orders flow in (an average of 1,100 emails per month) for their future email and social media campaigns.

Why not utilising those customer data to boost your sales and branding, with our all-do-it-for-you data-driven services? 

Upselling successful rate

increased by


Repeat customers

boosted by


Customer engagement

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Goal #1

Harness Customer Insights

Yes, we design and run email campaign for you as per data tells. Our data-driven campaign approaches, much better than DIY email campaigns, proven have successfully helped clients achieve consistent open rates of 40% or more among their customers, leading to increased repeat business. We are confident that we can achieve these results together with you.

Goal #2

More Repeat Customers

Let your every email including daily order confirmation email to be a good opportunity to showcase your handpicked products on Foodnote platform and attract already-consumed customers to pre-purchase your food tickets for next visit.

We anticipate that 85% of purchases will lead to customers bringing more friends to your shop, resulting in increased on-site consumption. This will also provide another valuable perspective on consumer data.

Goal #3

Better Customer Engagement

The best time to build the loyalty and good branding of your business is when the customers are having your services.

Our Ordering System now is embedded with the social media of Foodnote, allowing dine-in or pick-up customers can view your posts, videos, and exclusive rewards/tickets by a click, nurturing loyalty and engagement within your customer base.