A Multilingual ​

QR Ordering System

for both dine-in and pick-up customers

Group 394

Staff to order

Group 392

Customer to order

Group 393

Order to pickup

You only have to pay a fee when a successful order has been made by your customer.

1.5% platform fee or $0.08 per order

3 Steps

to get your first order


Submit your menu

in an editable Word or PDF file

To save your time, we can set up your Dashboard and online menu for your approval.


Promote your menu

through unique URL or QR code

Brand this system with your logo and enable customers to order in venue or through your website and social media pages.


Get your orders

from both dine-in
and pick-up customers

Customers can either pay online or pay at the register by cash or credit card according to your preference.

Simple & efficient tools

for your customers and staff to use straight away

Menu Management​

Managing menus and up-selling dishes
just a few clicks away

Inventory Management

Scheduling features e.g. daily limit on particular dishes and alerts about low stock levels help prevent product shortages while maximising sales

Brand Enhancement

More branding features to engage customers with your business and to increase their repeat orders

Marketing Tools

Redirecting traffic from your social media pages to your individual menu pages assists customers placing orders

Why do customers love our Ordering System?

Why do clients love our Ordering System?

Popular Features

to add on at little cost

Some more
tech-driven services

In addition to the QR ordering system,
POPSUP Global is offering some more advanced tech services
(Data Intelligence and AI Digital Marketing)
for our valued clients to get ahead of the competition.

Data Intelligence

Provides you deeper insight with data integrated from your selected platforms, cloud printing network, smart devices, to help you make business decisions, increase revenue and reduce costs.

Online ordering platform

Online ordering platform

Online ordering platform

Smart AIoT Platform

Accounting Software

AI Digital Marketing

Given a massive amount of data through popular social media platforms, you can take advantage of AI technologies to achieve an average of 5 to 6 times better results in your next digital marketing.

Age targeting

Effectively promote your brand to people in specific age ranges

Specific dining preference

Proactively reach people with dining preferences relevant to your business

Customer geography

Strategically advertise to customers in a particular area

Lookalike customers

Intelligently reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they're similar to your existing best customers.

Partners & Platforms





Tik Tok





Apply for a Demo
at absolutely no cost

After receiving your application, one of our friendly staff will contact you by email and start creating a demonstration QR menu, as per your existing menu, for you to play with.

Same commitment
to all clients

Regardless which package you have subscribed to, or even if you have just applied for a free Demo, you will have the same following services.

Live demo

We’ll create a free demo tailored to your existing menu. You can play with the online ordering and access our cloud-based POS to close bills.

QR code design

One of our professional designers will produce a QR code design for your venue in a printable PDF version so that you can make it as a table sticker or a table stand for customers to scan, order and pay.

Staff training

Your account manager will organise a training session to guide your staff on how to work alongside the QR Menu.

Local support

Our support team is based in Sydney. Whether your café is an early riser, or you run a pub that kicks on right through the night, we’ll be there for you.

Have any questions?

The system supports both online ordering and a cloud-based POS for you to take orders, proceed bills, print invoices and make live updates to your online menus.

It’s likely that our system can integrate to your current POS. Otherwise we can customise it for you. 

It’s optional whether integrating our system to your POS or simply using our ordering system as an additional easy tool to allow your customers to place pick-up orders through a website link or QR code generated by the system.

None. If you would like to use our ordering system in addition to your current POS, we are already good to get started.

If you would like to use both our ordering system and cloud-based POS system, you are recommended to purchase a Wi-Fi printer(s) from us to print out kitchen dockets and get the best out of our system. Alternatively, set-up of wireless print from your Smartphone (Android only) to connect to your current printer is another solution.

The pricing structure of the POPSUP System is as simple as possible. There is no system set-up fee and no menu set-up fee to start using our system.

You only have to pay a fee when a successful online payment has been made by your customer.

Find out more details of available plans, please click here to our pricing section

Yes. We have an Australian-based support team that works when you need us, to ensure any issues or requests are addressed in real time. Your dedicated account manager will be reachable by sms, email and mobile phone 7 days a week, 8am to midnight on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and 8am to 10pm from Sunday to Wednesday.

Yes, and it will be ongoing support. We will guide you and your team through the full process of integrating QR ordering and POS system into your venue and provide on-going training support. We will give your staff full training on how to use the app, manage your orders, and seamlessly integrate all tools and provide ongoing training support.

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