Introduction #

In this section, you can create dishes and change information about dishes that have already been created. For example, name, price, offering (Dish type), description, image, stock, etc.

Basic Setting #

Create a new dish #

1.Click on Dishes on the left-hand side of the screen, then you will need to click on the “+ Add dish” button, and it will jump to a new page.

2.Then you need to fill in the relevant information about this dish e.g., Description, image, Offering (Dish Types), etc. 

Note: Information marked with a RED asterisk is necessary to create a dish.

Note: Alias means the nickname of this dish.

3.Please click the “Save” button after you fill in all relevant information.

Suggestion: You can turn on the “Publish” switch at this stage.

Delete dish #

You can delete the dish by clicking on the delete icon in the bottom right corner.

If you think operating these dishes one by one is wasting time, for batch operations please refer to System – Batch Operations

Advanced Setting #

Updating dishes #

1.Go to the Dishes page, click on the dish you want to update then it will jump into its information page.

2.REMEMBER please turn Off the “publish” switch before you make any change.

3.You can select an Offering (Dish types) for this dish that you have created.

4.Then you can select a Menu and a Modifier group for this dish if it has one.

5.Please click the “Save” button and turn ON the “published” switch after you complete the update.

Set up Inventory for the dish #

1.Go to the Dishes page and scroll down to the bottom. Turn ON the switch of stock and advanced setting.

2.Click the “Edit stock” button to fill in the stock amount and click “Confirm” to save the change.

3.Stock warning point means the system will alert you when the stock reaches this value.

4.Turn ON the switch of the days you want to set up. Then you can enter a daily stock limit amount for this dish (e.g., daily special) to make it easier to manger stock. It will show at the recurring in the following weeks.

5.You can change the limit of the date after the current date in advance by using the “Add schedule” feature. For example, you set up 10 stock limits for Thursday, but there is going to have a party on 20/01/2022 (Next Thursday), which means you will need more than 200 stocks. Then you can click on “Add schedule” to select the date and enter the stock limit.

6.You can also click on the “Edit” button to change the day limit (If you used more than the previously set limit).

Note: The stock operation here is the same as it in Business Profile Setting section, but with a different meaning. In here, means you will set up the available stock for single dishes, as well as the stock warning point.

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