Dish Types

Introduction #

In this section, you can create dish types (or called “Offering” in the Dishes section) related to the dishes that you created in the Dishes section. And you can change the information and translation of the dish type you have created.

Basic Setting #

Create a new dish type #

Click on Dish Types on the left-hand side of the screen, then you will need to click on the “+Create dish type” button to fill in the Dish Type information.

Edit and delete a dish type #

The edit and delete buttons are in the last “Action” column. You can edit or delete it by clicking the button.

When you click on the “Edit” button, there are two tabs for you to edit.

  • Information: You can update the dish type name and pair modifier group here.
  • Please click the “Save” button after you complete the updating.
  • Translation: Here you need to enter the dish type name in other languages. If you include languages other than English in “Business Profile Setting – Business information – Display language” (For more information, please refer to Instruction setting – Business Profile setting)
  • Please click the “Save” button after you complete the updating.

Advanced Setting #

Pair Modifier Group #

You can select one or more Modifier groups for all dishes in the same dish type. It is more like a shortcut because you don’t need to add a Modifier group one by one to a single dish in the same dish type. For example, add the Ice level (Modifier Group) to Drink (Dish Type), customers can then choose either half ice or no ice for their drink.

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