Introduction #

In this section, you can create eligible coupons for your dishes, including quantity, type, amount, etc. You can also set restrictions on the use of the coupons. For example, time period, number of times and what dishes is can be used for.

Basic Setting #

Create new coupon #

1.Click on Coupons on the left-hand side of the screen, then you will need to click on the “+ Add new coupon” button.

2.Then you need to fill in the relevant information about this coupon e.g., coupon code, discount type, amount, quantity, etc.

3.After you fill in the information, please click “Add the coupon” button to finish the process.

Note: Information marked with a RED asterisk is necessary to create a coupon.

Note: Once you create a coupon, it will appear in Draft, not Published. So, you will need to publish the coupon before it can be used.

Edit and delete a coupon #

The edit and delete buttons are in the last “Action” column. You can edit or delete it by clicking the button. When you click on the “Edit” button, there are three tabs for you to edit.

1.Please turn off “Is published” button before you are editing.

2.Information: You can update the coupon’s information here.

3.Please click the “Save” button after you complete the updating.

Advanced Setting #

Usage restriction #

1. You can set restrictions on the use of this coupon:

Set the maximum or minimum amount that a customer needs to spend to use this coupon. For example, if you set the min amount to $100, then customer needs to spend at least $100 to use this coupon. Similarly, if the max amount is $100, then this coupon cannot be used if the customer spends more than $100.

2.You can also set up dishes that can use this coupon. 

Usage limits #

You can set the time period during which this coupon can be used and also set the number of times each customer can use this coupon during that time period.

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