Category (Menu)

Introduction #

In this section, you can create categories (Menu) related to your dishes, e.g., breakfast, lunch, etc. You can also change the information of a category (Menu) you have created. For example, name, image, add dishes from the dish pool to this category (Menu), etc.

Basic Setting #

Create a new category (Menu) #

1.Click on Category on the left-hand side of the screen, then you will need to click on “+ Add menu” button, and it will jump to a new page.

2.Please click the “Save” button after you fill in all relevant information.

Scroll down this page and there is a dish pool. This is one of the ways you can add the dishes that you created into this menu.

3.You can add dishes on the left box to the menu by ticking them and clicking on the right arrow between these two boxes. Then they will move to the right box.

4.Please click the “Save” button after you complete this process.

Delete/Duplicate a Category (Menu) #

  • You can delete the dish by clicking on the delete icon in the bottom right corner.
  • The duplicate icon is just next to the delete icon. You can use this feature when you want to create a similar menu or upgrade an old one, you can keep the old one for cross-referencing.

Update Category (Menu) #

Remember to turn Off the “Publish” switch before you make any change!

Please DON’T forget to click the “Save” button and turn On the “Publish” after updating.

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