Bill Process

Table of Contents

Introduction #

In this section, you can view all orders that have been confirmed from the last step (Order processing). And also, you can look for the order by entering ref No or the customer’s name. Another important feature is that you can keep track of the payment status of your customers. For example, whether a coupon was used, whether a tip was given, which payment method was used (Cash, Master card, Visa Card, etc.), etc.

Basic Setting #

1.The Plus icon: Click on the Plus icon to view what dishes and modifiers this order has been ordered.

2.Search bar: You can quickly find the target order by entering ref No or the customer’s name.

3.Payment Info: When the customer is ready to pay, you will need to fill in the details. For example, who completed the payment process for this order (operator), payment method, coupon, etc.

4.Confirm payment button: After clicking this button, the order will go to Invoice Center.

5.Slide the page to the right and you can click on the “View” button to check the details of this order.

6.When you have confirmed that the order is fine, click “Print to kitchen” to send the order to the kitchen. The kitchen then starts preparing the dishes on the order.

Note: You have to click on “Print to kitchen” button so that the kitchen will receives the order and starts preparing the order. This is the reason clicking on the “View” button is an important step.

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