Interview with Gaku Hirai of MatchaMatcha

Have you ever tried green tea ice cream or matcha latte in a restaurant or cafe in Sydney? Have you ever wondered when and how this quality matcha came to Australia? We went behind the scene to discover Gaku Hirai, the man behind ‘Matchamatcha’ and how he produces high-quality Green Tea in Australia to introduce to the Australian market. He specializes in the R&D of new products to suit the market outside Japan, to have a variety of tea-based products to suit all ages and palates.

Matchamatcha Website; https://www.matchamatcha.net

Matchamatcha Cafe Instragram; https://www.instagram.com/matchamatchacafe/

Matcha Matcha Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/matchamatchacafe

Created by; Joidea Media https://www.joideagroup.com/media/

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